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योग, ध्यान, एक्यूप्रेशर, प्राणिक हीलिंग एवं सुजोक थेरेपी द्वारा उपचार


Bridge – Bandha Sarvangasana

The Bridge yoga pose is a great front hip joints opener, it also strengthens your spine, opens the chest, and improves your spinal flexibility.


Triangle – Trikonasana

It improves the flexibility of your spine; it helps with the alignment of your shoulders,it relieves back pain and stiffness in the neck area.


Chair – Utkatasana

The Chair yoga position tones your leg muscles, strengthens your hip reflexors, ankles, calves and back.It stretches the chest and shoulders.


Tree – Vrksasana

The Tree yoga pose may seems as another easy posture but it is not a resting asana. Your back should be aligned property (extended), your hips should be at one level.


Crow – Bakasana

The Crow yoga pose strengthens the wrists, forearms and abdomen while also stretching the hamstring. Balance is crucial for this pose.


Corpse – Savasana

lowering your blood pressure, calming you and giving your body the opportunity to obsorb all of the benefits you worked out for.


Arm Balance – Pincha Mayurasana

The Arm Balancing yoga poses are an advanced poses. This particular one helps you with the blood flow throughout your body; it calms your mind and it strengthens your arms.


Boat – Navasana

It strengthens your core abdominal muscles.It aligns the spinal column and tones and strengthens the buttocks, thighs and legs.It Cleanses your kidneys and facilitates fresh blood supply, thus ridding your body of toxins.


Four Limbed Staff – Chaturanga

The Four Limbed Staff yoga pose strengthens your arms, wrists and abdomen. It is also a good preparation pose for more challenging arm balancing poses.